Wrap Around Repair Plate for a quick and easy repair

Wrap Around Repair Plate fotted

I thought you might like to see how our wrap around repair plates can get you out of a jam!

We were called to this break in where the burglars had smashed the lock out of the door and split the wood where it would normally fit.  Usually this would mean a new door but not in this case!

With one of our wrap around plates and a universal repair striker we were able to re-secure the door in less than an hour.  And when we went back and changed the broken glass the following day the customer was probably more secure that they were before the burglars got there!

The Wrap Around and Repair Striking Plate are just part of our range of repair products

For more information on the full range of products call us now on 01270 505902 or email shop@holdfast.co.uk

Wrap around repair plate and repair striker fitted
Wrap Around Plate and repair striker fitted – just the glass to change now!
Damaged door
Picture of the damaged door following a break in