CCTV systems offer an excellent back up to physical and electronic security protection.

Electronic security adds another layer of protection to the physical security of a building, whether it’s an intruder alarm or a CCTV system Holdfast Security Systems can provide the solution to your requirements for both home and work.

If it’s an alarm for home we recommend the Visonic 360R wire free intruder alarm.  This highly sophisticated system can communicate via Broadband and/or an optional GSM module.  There’s an app that allows you to arm and disarm the system, check the alarm status and add or delete users.  It’s EN graded  for insurance purposes giving you complete peace of mind,

There are remote fobs used to set and unset the system which can also be used as a panic button.

There is no need to lift carpets and floorboards to run wires as the only wired connections are to the mains supply and all the sensors and sirens then use wireless communication.  The system also has channel hopping making it incredibly difficult to jam, unlike many of the DIY alarms.

CCTV systems offer an excellent back up to physical and electronic security protection. With their ability to record images of an incident to be reviewed at a later date they are an invaluable resource in the fight against crime.

CCTV systems are made up of several components, all of which are essential to the proper operation of the system. Every CCTV system needs to be tailor made to meet specific needs, whether it is the protection of property or monitoring of public spaces, and Holdfast Security Systems can design, install and maintain a system to meet your requirements.  We can offer wire free systems recording to a flash drive making CCTV an affordable option for those on a tight budget.

New technology has made the control of systems much easier, for example digital recording has removed the need for videotapes and separate camera controllers.  Our 8 megapixel range offers excellent quality pictures at very competitive prices.

With the introduction of GDPR, CCTV systems also need to comply with the law and we can help guide you through the requirements of the Act. If the cost of installing CCTV seems prohibitive then Holdfast Security Systems can help with competitive leasing rates to spread the cost over 3 or 5 years.

Case Studies

Problem: A local hotel was experiencing problems with break-ins to cars parked overnight in its car park.

Solution: We installed a CCTV system to monitor the car park and its approaches.  We then installed a monitoring system which alerted the night porter when a car approached along the driveway. On being alerted the night porter can monitor the vehicle’s approach and determine whether it is a late arriving guest or a potential thief and act accordingly.

Problem: A retail outlet was losing several valuable items by shoplifting. Although existing cameras were directed towards the high value goods the store was unable to identify the thieves. The shop lifters were taking products from monitored areas and concealing the stolen goods out of sight of the cameras

Solution: By relocating the existing cameras and fitting additional cameras the blind spots around the store were removed. The existing monitors were located out of view of the counter staff, so additional monitors were fitted by each till point. The addition of highly visible warning signs around the store made shoplifters aware that they were being monitored at all times.

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