Whatever type of safes you require, Holdfast Security Systems can offer a specification to suit your needs.

“Buying a safe is not about its look or colour. Its specification MUST match your requirements or you could live to regret your choice. Whatever type of safe you require Holdfast Security Systems can offer a specification to meet your needs.”

A full range of free-standing, underfloor and wall safes is available, from a variety of manufacturers, including Chubb, Churchill, Dudley, Securikey, Burton and Burg Wachter to meet your insurance company’s specification.

For protecting document and valuables from fire we offer a full range of fire resisting cabinets to protect document and computer media, including single and double door cabinets and 2/3/4 drawer filing cabinets.

A full installation, repair and opening service is available. We supply and install safes in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and North Wales and can even supply and install nationwide if required.

Safes are given insurance ratings, based on the quality of the safe and the amount of time an insurance company considers a burglar will take to open a particular safe. A number of factors have to be considered before purchasing a safe, such as the type of safe, what is to be kept in it and where it is to be positioned. For insurance purposes the cash rating is multiplied by ten to reach a jewellery rating, e.g. a £1,000 cash rated safe is suitable for up to £10,000 worth of jewellery. A safe installed in a secure location covered by an intruder alarm system will often achieve a better insurance rating than a safe installed an engineering workshop, simply because, in the workshop, the tools necessary to attack the safe are readily to hand.

A European Standard for safes and strong boxes has also been introduced, EN1143. This Standard is designed to enable safe manufacturers to produce safes to a recognised standard and the safe is then tested by an independent test house. The safes are then given a Euro Grade Rating, relevant to the quality of the safe with the lowest being Grade 0, which has an insurance rating of £6,000.

If you do not require a safe with this level of insurance rating, we also provide safes to EN14450, grades S1 and S2 with insurance ratings of £2000 and £4000 respectively.

If you are unsure about the level of protection offered by your safe, a safe certified by the test body Sold Secure may provide you with the peace of mind you require. Sold Secure tests products using the methods of attack employed by burglars and, with its testers being members of the Master Locksmiths’ Association, the Sold Secure test is an excellent indication of the quality of a safe.

If your requirement is for a fire resisting cabinet then you should consider what you are protecting. Fire resisting cabinets come in two styles, document or data protection. Given the sensitivity of computer media, such as floppy discs or tapes, and the extremely low temperature at which the media will corrupt, don’t be tempted to economise and buy a cheaper document cabinet – if there’s a fire the data could be lost!

Whatever your requirement or location why not give us a ring on 01270 505902 and we can work out the best option for you? – if you’re local we have a wide range of safes on display in the shop for you to have a look at.

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