Imagine walking up to your home and it welcoming you back  – the front door unlocks as you approach, the alarm disarms before you enter, the heating is already on and the lights are lit; all without the need to do anything!

You can do so much more than just protect your premises with an intruder alarm that sounds when there’s a break-in!

Using modern technology means that a whole range of security and life-enhancing features can be controlled by a single App on your phone.  From; monitoring alarm systems to viewing CCTV images; seeing and talking to visitors from anywhere to remotely locking and unlocking your door; receiving notifications to controlling lighting and heating automatically, all your home automation can be brought under one, simple to use, control system.

The App and Web Interface means you can set up and monitor all of your home’s Smart Devices quickly and easily. 


The Qolsys intruder alarm is a Smart Alarm that uses market leading PowerG fully encrypted communication between the individual sensors and the panel.

With its industry leading display panel using intuitive swipe controls the Qolsys panel is attractive enough to be fitted anywhere in the house.  It can even be used as a digital photo frame.  Its on-board communication devices include Bluetooth, Z-Wave and PowerG modules making installation by our engineers quick and easy.

The integration modules allow new or existing suitable devices to be integrated with the panel.


The Smart Doorbell means you need never miss a visitor, wherever you are in the world.  The doorbell can also be set up to record images of visitors for viewing later.  The Smart Doorbell interfaces with the Qolsys panel to allow 2-way communication and up to 5 internal panels can be used.

The Smart Doorbell can also integrate with a Smart Lock to allow you to open the door remotely


Internal and external quality cameras with up to 5 megapixel images bring an extra layer of security.  Internal cameras even have in-built speakers. Up to 40 cameras can be fitted so even the largest house can be protected.

Setting up detection areas means you can be notified remotely if someone approaches the property on foot or in a vehicle.


Smart Locks allow a door to be secured and unlocked without the need for a key.  Any Smart Locks that have Z-Wave control can be integrated into the Qolsysy alarm system for full peace of mind security.

Using a Smart Lock means you will know if your home is secure and you can receive notification if it is unlocked.  You can send access permissions remotely to someone’s phone without them even needing to be at the house – ideal for Air BnB or holiday lettings.


Any Z-Wave device can be integrated and controlled by the Qolsysy alarm panel.  Heating control, lighting modules, garage door openers are just some of the devices available for home automation.