Secure your room contents with robust but decorative grilles from Holdfast Security Systems.

There are two main types of grilles on the market, fixed or sliding. Holdfast Security Systems are installers of Crimeshield Security and Extendor Collapsible Grilles.

We also install a range of roller shutters and, if aesthetics and visibility is an issue, why not consider our range of Perspex anti-vandal screens to protect windows against smashing?

Security Grille Case Studies

Problem: A local school wanted to protect their computer room against break-ins but not have the appearance of a prison!

Solution: We provided Extendor Collapsible Grilles which allowed the teacher to unlock and slide them back when the room was being used and still maintain security when the room was unoccupied.

Problem: A college was having problems with windows being broken by local youths throwing objects over a fence.

Solution: By fitting Crimeshield Security Grilles we could protect the windows while still allowing daylight through.

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