Mul-T-Lock Interactive Patent Expiry

If you use the Mul-T-Lock Interactive key system, used to secure a great many properties, including schools. colleges and apartments, you should be aware that the patent has now expired.

What does this this mean for Interactive users?  Well, primarily, the restriction on the unauthorised duplication of keys will cease and it will be possible for key cutters to legally obtain key blanks for the Interactive system and cut keys without your knowledge.

You can rest assured that we at Holdfast will maintain the strict procedures we currently have with regard to the supply of keys for all our master key systems, to protect our customers’ keys, however there will be no restrictions should Timpson’s or other key cutters decide to stock the key blanks.

If you feel this may be an issue there are a couple of alternatives, including:

1)         Replacing just the keys with Interactive + keys so that the patent restriction that applies to the keys is maintained without the need to replace the cylinders

2)         Replacing the cylinders to work under a new key system with patent protection

3)         Replacing the cylinders on just the critical areas of your building – these could be on the Interactive + system so that one key could be used for both the old and new cylinders.

If you want to talk about the implications for Interactive key holders why not give us a call on 01270 505902