Door repair

Door repair – One of the problems with wooden doors is that they’re very easily damaged! Particularly around the pivot points of a floor spring or on the leading edge of the door where a flush bolt has been fitted.

Break-ins, vandalism, heavy use or just wear and tear all take their toll on doors and the hardware fitted to them, and so there’s a requirement for products to allow a simple repair without the need to replace doors or frames.

It’s not only the cost of repairing or replacing a door to consider, there’s the issue of matching existing door finishes, something that’s not always easy to do when the door’s been fitted for a while. There is also the mess involved in removing and replacing a door frame, which will probably require re-plastering and redecorating.  If a new door is required, it has to be obtained, and then made to fit which probably includes cutting and planing to size on site and then painting or varnishing to match.  All of which takes time, costs money and involves a lot of clearing up afterwards, not to mention the problems with access if it’s a heavily used door, so it makes sense to use repair products that remove the need to replace the door or frame.

So wouldn’t it make sense to be able to just buy an off the shelf product and fit it?

Well now, in most instances, you can! We at Holdfast Security Systems have been working on doors with just those problems for almost 30 years now and we’ve been actively looking at solutions to damaged doors and for easy door repair.  This has led us to introduce a range of door repair products to meet the need to repair a door, or a frame, without the expense of replacing it.

We have investigated simple to fit products for the domestic and commercial market to solve an array of problems caused by vandalism, break-ins or just wear and tear and think we’ve come up with some cost effective solutions.

We’ve even looked at those obsolete or unidentified locks that are fitted on toilet cubicle doors and made up a retrofit kit so that all the holes can be hidden and a standard indicator bolt fitted.

As locksmiths we often get called out for door repair after doors have been forced open – sometimes by the police with their big red key! Securing the door whilst a replacement can be found can be a challenge late at night so we’ve come up with a couple of overnight kits that will slide onto the door and lock it up – in some instances the repair will probably be stronger than the original lock fitting was!

Our door repair products are ideal for locksmiths, maintenance companies, housing associations, schools, colleges and hospitals. In an ideal world they be held on every vehicle for an instant solution or we can supply a quick turnaround on ordering if not.

Have a look at our range on the web shop – it’s being added to all the time.  Most of the items are made from stainless steel so they have strength and good looks built in and we can also provide a huge range of finishes to match existing hardware.

And we’re always happy to help design products for specific requirements, so if you have a problem we can’t solve from stock call us on 01270 505902 or email at  and we’ll do our best to help